■Neck:3P Hard Maple 33inch

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■Body:Top/Burl Poplar.Core/Alder.Back/FM
■Neck:3P Hard Maple 33inch





アルバム「dulcet feat.KENSHU」では共同アレンジ、全曲ベースで参加。

2010年Stevie WonderとMichael Jackson楽曲のHOUSEコンピレーションアルバム「WONDERBOX」「THIS IS MIX」の制作アレンジ、レコーディングに参加。また多数のアーティストのライブサポートなど務める。

現在はピアノトリオ「ai kuwabara trio project」の共同プロデュース、ライブを中心に活動。

BET UP / ai kuwabara trio project

■3=log²(8) / ai kuwabara trio project
Phoenix/PH-3 Buckeye Burl
33inch Scale Model

Top: Buckeye Burl
Core: Alder
Back: Flame Maple
Neck through-body with 3 pieces hard maple and PD line.
24 frets ebony fingerboard
Master Volume
Pickup Balancer
Treble +17db/-17db at 8kHz
Middle +12db/-12db at 350Hz
Bass +15db/-15db at 90Hz
Noch filter trimmer -20db at 850Hz
Active / Passive on off switch
SW: Series-Single-Parallel
Pickups: TUNE SWB-4

Time Line
0:00~ Pickup Center (Parallel)
0:45~ Bridge Pickup (Parallel,EQ mid 350Hz boost)
1:35~ Neck Pickup (Parallel,EQ low 90Hz boost)
1:58~ Slap Style, Neck Pickup
2:28~ Pickup Center (Single)
2:37~ Slap
2:51~ Bridge Pickup (Single)
3:15~ Bridge Pickup (Series)
3:22~ Slap

森田悠介 with Phoenix PH-3

Yusuke Morita biography
Yusuke Morita was Born on January13, 1988 in Japan.
His parents immersed him at a very young age in various musical environments: Rock, new wave, screen music and jazz.
Yusuke started to learn drums and guitar and trombone in his school days,
then he converted to electric bass when he was 15 years old.
He also interested in many kind of music especially Jazz fusion,Hiphop,R&B,Funk,Dubstep,2step ,Drum'n'Bass.
And then he started to study improvisation by himself.

Yusuke studied composition at TOKYO COLLAGE of MUSIC from 2006 to 2009.
And studied electric bass under Yoshihoro Naruse(CASIOPEA).
Yusuke started his career with many professional musicians,and DJs.
Yusuke was also inspired by Four finger technic by Mathew Garrison,Hadrien Feraud.
And Yusuke moved to Europe in 2013, and took a lesson of Dominique Di Piazza in Paris.

Yusuke produced his solo album "1st Cheezeness" as his graduation work,
it includes strings section, accordion, drums, keys, guitars and some electronic materials.
Yusuke composed and produced them,
and later, some tunes of them are released from Denmark's independent label "Kradsbørstig records" as "1st Cheeze-ness plus a" on iTunes and spotify in 2014.

Yusuke started to join in the piano trio "ai kuwabara trio project"
as a bassist and co-producer,since 2010.
1st album "from here to there" 2012
2nd album "THE SIXTH SENSE" 2013 (Jazz Japan Award 2013 "New Star Awards")
3rd album "the Window" 2014
4th album "Love theme" 2015.
(bass, co-produce)

The trio project had a big stage at Tokyo Jazz Festival in September 2013,
and also had live tour in west coast of USA in November 2013, it has big succeed.

Interview of "ai kuwabara trio project" (THE JAPAN TIMES)
Phoenix /PH-5
0:00~1:29あたりまでのテーマパートは Phoenix Pickup/PH-1フロントを使用。

Whether or not / ai kuwabara trio project

LABORATORY / ai kuwabara trio project

Bet up/ ai kuwabara trio project

Phoenix/PHⅢ-5 Buckeye Burl
Phoenix/PHⅢ-5 Buckeye Burl
Phoenix/PHⅢ-6 Headless Burl Maple Blue Burst
Phoenix/PHⅢ-8 Buckeye Burl 34inch
Phoenix/PHⅢ-5 Buckeye Burl 34inch w/Inlay
Phoenix//PHⅢ-5 Custom Buckeye Burl
Phoenix//PHⅢ-7 Buckeye Burl
Phoenix/PHⅢ-9 Buckeye Burl 34inch
Phoenix/PHⅢ-6 Cocobolo
Phoenix/PHⅢ-7 Bolt-on Burl Chestnut
Phoenix/PH-3-9 Buckeye Burl
Phoenix/PH-Ⅲ-6 Bolt-on Burl Chestnut